Gusau/Tsafe Reps Race: Hon. Kabiru Amadu Maipalace, The Man With Divine Vision

As we gently transit to the month of February, 2019, there is every need for me to once more reflect on the personality of Hon. Maipalace.

Yesterday, a friend called me to ask why Maipalace seems to be the most popular and generally accepted by the majority of his constituents? My response was very simple, when you have a man whose philanthropic gestures cut across the entire constituent that is what you get.

It may interest us to note that Maipalace is the only contestant that is outstanding among others. His antecedents in humanitarian services predate the present political dispensation.

It is on records that virtually every community benefited in one way or the other from Maipalace. So, the curious question and position of the electorates from this Federal Constituency is “if an individual who is not holding any government position can be of tremendous help to the less privileged; orphans and the vulnerable in the society, then, he will do more if given any responsibility to serve his people”.

One thing that I cherished most about Gusau/Tsafe constituent now is their propensity towards acknowledging the positive contributions of an individual to the development and progress of his people.

My recent sojourn across Gusau/Tsafe Federal Constituency has shown that the name Hon. Kabiru Amadu Maipalace has become a household name that does not need too much introduction amongst his constituents.

Hon. Maipalace is on a divine mission to liberate the good people of his constituency from neglect and total abandonment which had been a recurring decimal in the politics of our constituency.

Furthermore, the task to elect Hon. Maipalace to represent us in the Lower Chambers of the National Assembly is one that is very paramount and dear to our consciousness.

Forward ever, backwards never.

Allah Shi Zai Bamu.



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